Friday, November 30, 2007

Stepping Outside My Comfort Bubble

Ok, so I went to a crafts fair last night at a local elementary school and had a lot of fun. I got to talk with people I hadn't seen in a long time and had an "adult" evening. Plus, I sold several pieces which always puts me in a good mood. This setting up your table at a crafts fair thing is a lot harder than it looks! This was my 5th time since last Spring and I feel like I finally have an arrangement I like. Decorating and arranging really doesn't come naturally for me! Anyway, I'm so glad I decided to step outside my comfort bubble and keep trying with this new business. I'm having a great time creating (which is the best part) but I'm also meeting really interesting new people and doing things I never would have done before.

I'm rambling. Here are some pictures of my latest work.


TallGiraffe said...

I work at an elementary school, i just wish we were cool enough to have a craft fair. However we're in a low income area that doesn't really appreciate handmade things.

mellowbeing said...

Ooo, I like that last pair. My favorite is simple and elegant - nicely done :)

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