Monday, November 19, 2007

Something New From EtsyRain!

The EtsyRain artists are at it again. Last night 10 of us got together on Julie's houseboat (awesome!) to put together sampler bags. Each of us brought 10 handmade items, each worth $10, and then we put together 20 sampler bags to sell in our shops and to promote EtsyRain. So, each bag has $50 worth of items and we're selling them for $25. Each member then keeps what thier listing earns.

The bags contain jewelry, note cards, candles, and beautiful textiles. Part of me is hoping one of them won't sell so that I can keep the contents for myself!

Come visit my etsy shop to find links to all of the artists who participated.

And Trina, last night was NOT a good time for a swim!

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Sarah Ridgley said...

a houseboat?! so cool. I wish I lived on a houseboat.

My latest treasury!