Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow! Rain! Ahhhhhhhh

It actually snowed here on Saturday! The kids were so psyched but wishing it had been on a school day. We had snowball fights and built a snowman. I remember when whole winters in Seattle would go by without a single flake. But, there's no climate change, right?

And now we're trying to set a record for rainfall in 24 hours. They're expecting five inches today! A river of rain is running down my street and I'm keeping my eye on the storm drain at the bottom! Wow, maybe not being able to teach that 4th class this year at the college is a good thing after all. I have the opportunity to sit here on a Monday morning and think about the weather. And blog about it. Eesh.

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Dawn said...

Wow, five inches of rain today? No wonder there are huge puddles and rivers all over the place! I think I remember hearing about it doing this last year, too!

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