Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movin' Right Along

Oh poor neglected blog. Let's get some new info out there!

First of all, I just spent four days staying with my sister-in-law and helping her with her new baby. Oh man, I love newborns! Certainly easier when they're not your own. Gave lots of breastfeeding help which, new moms and moms to be, you're gonna want! Get help- it might not come naturally and it might not feel so good.

Next, it's summer vacation for the kids! They're home all the time! I need a plan! Seriously, I'm hoping for lots of sun, time at the beach, and no homework. The kids are old enough to stay alone for a while too so I'm planning on a little time to myself.

Then there's the jewelry stuff. I'm happily making copper and have re-supplied the gallery. I also need to make more earrings for Oak, the craft store in Boston I've got my things in. And, I've got some shows coming up so I need to get cracking on the production! I don't know why I've been putting it off. I like pressure, I guess. And, I got accepted to trunkt, an online portfolio site that wholesalers and retailers like to shop. I need to spend time getting my portfolio together today, as I decided to spring for the premium account.

Finally, still sick. Boo.

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