Friday, September 7, 2007

Consignment, part 2, and other things

Well, last week I sent 5 pieces of jewelry across the country to be sold on consignment through an online store. The business,, is primarily just what it sounds like. Sorry, I didn't even know what digital scrapbooks were until a week ago. Anyway, her customers have been asking if she'll sell some crafts online as well so she created a "crafts" category and featured my jewelry. Within 2 days my first bracelet sold! And, she said she wanted more in that style. Obviously this made my day. Nothing else has sold from that site this week but I'm excited anyway.

Today, with my confidence higher than usual, I decided to contact a bunch of boutiques in my area to see if they'd like to offer my pieces as well. Yes, I was immediately rejected from one but I'm still waiting on the others. I'm still not quite ready to visit the ones which require a face to face appointment. Maybe next month.

I also thought I'd post some of my photography today. People on etsy seem to like it more than the jewelry...


Friendlyhands said...

how does that consignment do for you? I am unable to do craft fairs because of medical reasons.

Pam McFadyen said...

Oh, I haven't been brave enough yet. It is fabulous that you took the plunge into consignment. Congrats on your sales!

Simply Wired said...

Congrats on the consignment! Good work and nice blog!

My latest treasury!