Friday, October 12, 2007

Get Organized!

I've probably said it before but organization is not one of my strong points. I've got lots of ideas but I still wind up with little piles everywhere. Last year I bought an accordion folder for all my home receipts. Well, right now I'm looking at it and it's balanced precariously on top of 6 months worth of receipts! Yes, that's on my to-do list today. Anyway, I asked for tips in the Etsy forums earlier this week and here's what I got:

EyePopArt says:
Well, it's not the most exciting idea in the world, but it works for me. I got an over-the-door hanging shoe holder for the closet door in my crafting space. It has 24 sturdy, clear plastic pockets that I use to organize all of my clutter, such as envelopes, glues, scissors, postcards, staplers, rulers, tools, and even some shoes. Since I don't have a lot of drawer space I find it very helpful. Here's a picture:

DragoninKnots says:
Some ideas:- You know those plastic bags with zippers that bedding and curtains come in? They are great for storing large items like blankets, clothing, scarves, shawls, etc., so they don't get all jumbled up in a tote. They are clear, so it is easy to find an item when someone purchases it.
And since you would be reusing them, they are better for the environment than buying something else.
- If you are looking for a bead organizer and can't find what you want, try going to a hardware store and looking at their organizers for screws, nails, etc.
- Computer keyboard boxes that open from the top are great for storing jewelry in little boxes because they are thin and long, so all the small jewelry boxes are easily accessible.

ConstantDreamer says:
I put all of my paints and various markmaking tools in small plastic baskets (I bought them at Target). They sit inside a cabinet until needed. My brushes are kept in a container originally meant for kitchen utensils.My other big thing is to get rid of any supplies I don't use regularly. If I don't want to throw them, I put them in containers and store away from my work area until needed.

miribelladesigns says:
I keep my beads in an apothecary cabinet I restored and refinished. The drawers are nice and small and it looks better than most regular organizational drawer units.

Stay tuned for more tips! I'll be working on some of these myself!!

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