Monday, October 1, 2007

Creating, Coughing, and a Happy Family

Creating: I had a meeting with a salon owner last week and she wound up keeping 13 pieces to sell! While this was great news, I suddenly realized that I was really low on inventory! I'll be participating in several crafts fairs soon and I don't have too much to offer. So, I'm back at work making earrings and necklaces. I have about 3 weeks until the first show so my goal is at least one new piece a day. We'll see! I've also done some listing at Etsy, which I'd put on hold for a while. I was inspired by my fruit bowl and took pictures of my jewelry with a kiwi.

Coughing: Most of us have caught the back-to-school cold. It's been a week now and we just can't stop coughing. Not making for very restful nights.

Happy Family: Well, kind of. This will probably jinx it but the kids are getting along and we're all basically enjoying each other's company. No details here, just trust me, this is a wonderful improvement!


ambika said...

Congrats on the wholesale order! That's great!

And it's funny--half my coworkers are out today with colds. I'm just hoping I don't catch anything with my vacation coming up!

Dawn said...

That's a super neat picture! Who would have thought that a kiwi would make a good backdrop for earrings? :)

Beth Lisa Goss, Wire Tree said...

Oh Ambika, if only it were wholesale! If things sell well on consignment then she'll sign me up for wholesale. So now I'm just missing lots of inventory!

Ambika said...

Consignment is still awesome. I'm sure your pieces will fly out the door.

gloria said...

what beautiful designs. i have tagged you, come over to my blog and find out the rules:)!!

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