Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shows and Rain

Quite a month. I'm still not allowed to eat most foods and I'm not feeling my best but I've decided to forge ahead anyway! After a fun trip to NYC I've gotten to work on setting up my studio and making LOTS of pieces. I'm going to be doing a few shows in the coming months so I'm trying to get ready for them. Actually, on Saturday I'm doing my first outdoor show by myself. I've got the tent and tables and I'm pretty happy with the display this time. I'm using shutters to hang the earring cards and a wood lattice from some french doors to hang the pendants.

However..... it's supposed to rain and possibly SNOW on Saturday. Yes, I'm sure there's no trace of climate change! Snow in Seattle in mid-April is unheard of. So, I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep warm and dry and not have my jewelry blow away. Some other folks from EtsyRain, now also known as Puget Sound Indie Artisans, are brainstorming survival tips for the day.

And by the way, the Puget Sound Indie Artisans are putting on our own show the day before Mother's Day in Edmonds. We are so excited!

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